Our Manifesto

Good design is all about attitude.

Sure, it needs to tick all the right boxes: be sustainable, functional, beautiful, accessible, ethical and enduring.

But truly great design is the result of something more thoughtful, more instinctive. It is the product of the designer’s deeply held belief that they can make something better – that they can improve the way we live and enjoy every day.

We don’t all hold a design degree but we can all be part of a good design process.

We are all passionate about improving the way we live and the way we impact on our planet.

Passion is something the Queenslander knows all about. We’re famous for our energy, optimism and enthusiasm for change and improvement.

This is why Queenslanders and design are a natural fit.

QUEENSLANDERSIGNTM is all about focusing this energy on thinking about how we, as a state, can be better designed – from our footpaths and bridges, to our schools and our hospitals, everything you can imagine – for the benefit of everyone.